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Cortlandt's Future:
Securing Prosperity, Defending Education, Ensuring Safety

Ever wondered why local governance matters? In Cortlandt, New York we're grappling with a major challenge - the closure of Indian Point that once brought in $30 to $40 million in annual tax revenue. Suddenly, that's gone. Our schools, our children, will feel the impact. And the burning question? Who's ready with a plan?

Here's what I've learned: proactive planning trumps reactive responses every single time. That's why I'm running for Town Councilman. I don't want us to simply wait for the next crisis. I want us to anticipate, prepare, and protect our community.

So I ask you, where in your life is proactive planning necessary? What are your community concerns, and how can we prepare for them now?

I'm eager to hear your thoughts and begin this conversation.

Together, we can make Cortlandt a better place for us all.


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